Pune: Nagar Road Citizens Forum Challenges Commissioner’s Water Usage Remarks

Pune: Nagar Road Citizens Forum Challenges Commissioner's Water Usage Remarks

Pune: Nagar Road Citizens Forum Challenges Commissioner's Water Usage Remarks

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The Association of Nagar Road Citizens Forum voiced its objection to recent comments asserting Punekars’ daily water usage reaches 270 liters per person, well above the established benchmark of 150 liters. Expressing concern over the accusatory tone, the Forum emphasizes the need for a more inclusive approach amid the looming water crisis.

Addressing the Commissioner, also serving as Administrator, the Forum presents a series of inquiries rather than accusations, seeking introspection and response:

    1. What was the basis of the analysis to arrive at this figure of 270 litres per day per person ?
    2. What statistical work has PMC worked on the exact amount of water received from Irrigation Dept to PMC ?
    3. What has PMC done on installing water meters which would arrest misuse and excessive use of water ?
    4. What has PMC done about sealing leakages between supply by Irrigation Dept and PMC distribution lines ?
    5. Why are there constant repairs being undertaken by PMC on water supply pipelines without taking care of  leakage areas permanently ?
    6. What has PMC done about supplying equitable water supply to all areas under PMC jurisdiction ?
    7. What action has PMC undertaken to arrest the unnecessary wastage of water at govt buildings ?
    8. What guidance on good practices has PMC undertaken to reach citizens for water usage ?
    9. What efforts has PMC made to convince and ensure that water supply quota from Irrigation Dept increases from the constant of 14.61 TMC since many years after the increase of jurisdiction to an area of 517 sq. km. under PMC after the addition of 34 villages coupled with the unsustainable growth in population ?
    10. What efforts has PMC made to nab those stealing water, those controlling water distribution at valves by hand and not allowing tankers who are not on PMC approved list, fill up water from overhead PMC tanks
    11. What efforts has PMC made to analyse that if water is available at overhead PMC water tanks for filling by water tankers, why is water not distributed equitably through pipelines ?
    The Forum eagerly awaits the Commissioner’s responses, hoping for a constructive dialogue to address these pressing water management issues.