Pune News : 7000 Maharashtra police personnel waiting for home as Lohegaon residential project faces suspension

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The Maharashtra Police Megacity Co. Housing Society, established in 2009, has left over 7000 police personnel from across the state of Maharashtra waiting for their dream homes in Pune due to the suspension of the Lohgaon Pune project. The organization had raised funds through membership fees and had entrusted the project to B.E. Bilimoria Company (B. E. Billimoria), to be completed in phases with an initial payment of 350 crores. However, the builder failed to complete the construction within the stipulated time, and the houses remain unbuilt to this day.

Speaking at a press conference, the Maharashtra Police Megacity (Maharashtra Police Mega City) Rescue Committee demanded an investigation into the matter by the Maha Rera, Cooperation, and Financial Crimes Investigation Branch, and called for the completion of the project by the Maharashtra government. Present at the press conference were senior police officers, including Madan Dadasaheb Patil, Upper Superintendent of Police Kolhapur, Narendra Vasudev Meghrajani, Commissioner of Police Thane, Sahebrao Namdev Kadnor, Police Inspector Ahmednagar, and other officials.

The committee highlighted several points of corruption in the project, including the selection of the builder without bidding, lack of legal advice regarding contracts, land purchased in the name of the contractor, misuse of members’ money for land purchase, and the contractor’s failure to make investments. The committee also raised concerns about the rate per square foot of the flats, which was not decreased despite the increase in the number of floors in the buildings, resulting in losses for the members. Additionally, the committee noted that only 36 building permits have been obtained out of the 60 mentioned in the agreement with the contractor, raising questions about the utilization of funds.

The affected police personnel, many of whom are elderly and had hoped to own a home in their retirement years, have collectively invested approximately Rs 525 crore in the project. The committee urged the government to take swift action to investigate the corruption and complete the project, providing justice to the affected police personnel.

The Maharashtra Police Megacity Co. Housing Soc, which was established with the aim of providing affordable housing to police personnel, has been marred by corruption allegations right from its inception, and the matter has taken 14 years to come to light. The suspension of the Lohegaon Pune project has left thousands of police personnel in limbo, waiting for their dream homes to become a reality. The committee’s demand for a thorough investigation and swift action by the government has drawn attention to the plight of the affected police personnel and the need for transparency and accountability in such projects.

Nividita Kelapure