Pune News : Data shows 62 percent of roads with less than 9 meters of width

Pune Pulse Pune News : Data shows 62 percent of roads with less than 9 meters of width

Pune News : Data shows 62 percent of roads with less than 9 meters of width

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By: Pune Pulse

November 30, 2023

Pune: Pune city is currently facing traffic congestion due to its narrow roads, with 62 per cent of the roads measuring only 9 meters in width. In addition to this, the lack of infrastructure, the absence of separate service roads, and a poor drainage system contribute to the major problem of traffic congestion.

The traffic management campaign conducted on X has revealed that common people are the ones suffering the most as a result of traffic rule violations, including signal breaking, driving on the wrong side of the road, cutting lanes, illegal parking on roads, and misuse of various bridges.

The Pune Platform for Collaborative Response (PPC) has gathered information regarding traffic issues, enhancements, and recommendations provided by residents in various areas of the city. The Pune city traffic police have gathered posts from 94 significant ‘X’ accounts and shared the results, solutions, and key problems with the Pune City Traffic Police.

A meeting was conducted between PPCR members and Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Vijaykumar Magar, during which Magar decided to address the various concerns discussed in the meeting.

Based on this report, the signalling system at 375 significant intersections in Pune is deemed ineffective, necessitating the traffic police to assume control of traffic management in these areas. The deployment of approximately 600 traffic police personnel has been implemented in these regions. Despite a hefty fine of Rs 250 crore imposed on traffic violators over the past three years, it has not been paid. It is noteworthy that the city accommodates a staggering number of 32 lakh two-wheelers.

The report further highlighted that the most prevalent occurrences involving two-wheeler riders are the infringement of traffic regulations, improper driving, disregarding signals, cutting lanes, and parking vehicles at zebra crossings.

Road accidents in the city have the most severe impact on motorcyclists and pedestrians. Shockingly, last year, 92% of two-wheeler riders were found without helmets. The increasing number of vehicles and driving in the wrong direction are the major causes of such accidents.

To tackle this issue, it has been suggested that strict rules should be imposed on all types of two-wheeler drivers, and cases of wrong-side and foot driving should be filed directly in court. The meeting also emphasized the need for an effective civic awareness campaign to educate citizens about their responsibilities and traffic laws. PPCR and traffic police will use social media and community outreach to spread awareness. Additionally, educational institutions will be supported to promote road safety.

As per the information provided, the traffic police have received a set of measures and requests from the PPCR regarding traffic issues. A delegation visited them to discuss these matters. They were informed about the traffic problems in the city, the growing number of two-wheelers, the resulting issues, transportation problems, infrastructure and encroachments.

The delegation also presented the data from a study conducted by the traffic police. Taking this into consideration, the organization expressed their willingness to collaborate in enhancing traffic conditions in the future. The traffic police assured their cooperation in implementing necessary solutions.

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