Pune News : Heroic Cop Takes Charge Of Potholes, Fills Them Promptly To Ease Traffic. Earns Applause From Citizens

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PUNE: In a remarkable display of dedication and civic responsibility, police officers from the local force have garnered widespread admiration and applause from citizens. The awe-inspiring photos of their self-initiated road repair work have not only raised eyebrows but also led to a massive round of applause from the public.

The outstanding initiative taken by these officers did not go unnoticed, as the photos were promptly shared with the Chief Minister’s office for recognition of their extraordinary efforts. The officers involved, led by API Sachin Kadam in Bavdhan, went beyond their regular duties and undertook the road repair work themselves, while the city’s corporation road departments appeared to be at a standstill.

Citizens groups, including the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Co-op Housing Societies Federation and various industry bodies, have expressed their heartfelt appreciation for API Sachin Kadam and his dedicated staff. The officers’ actions demonstrated an exemplary commitment to the welfare of the community, setting a high standard for public service.

The spot where the officers carried out the impromptu repair work later received a visit from Pune Police Assistant Commissioner of Police Vitthal Kubade, who commended the officers for their initiative and sense of duty. ACP Kubade’s visit further highlighted the significance of their actions and underscored the need for active participation and responsibility from all sections of society.

The public’s reaction to the officers’ initiative was indicative of the growing frustration over the perceived inaction of PMC and PCMC staff across the city. Citizens were visibly angered by the lack of progress and response from the respective authorities, making the actions of API Kadam Bavdhan and his team all the more commendable.


Secretary Sudhir Deshmukh of the PCMC Coop Housing Societies Federation conveyed his appreciation on behalf of the citizens, acknowledging the officers’ praiseworthy dedication and emphasizing the importance of recognizing such exceptional acts of service. Deshmukh told that, he had shared these photos with chief minister Eknath Shinde’s office to acknowledge their efforts for going beyond their duty for the welfare of the society.

As the city grapples with various challenges, the actions of API Kadam Bavdhan and his staff serve as a reminder of the impact that individual dedication and responsibility can have in bringing positive change to the community. Their actions are sure to resonate as an enduring symbol of hope and inspiration for citizens and public servants alike.