Pune News : Khadakwasla Dam Reaches Almost Full Capacity, 1000 Cusecs Water Release Scheduled at 5 PM Today

Pune : Water holding capacity of Khadakwasla Dam reduced

Pune : Water holding capacity of Khadakwasla Dam reduced

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With the incessant rains in the Khadakwasla Dam area, the dam is now nearing its 100 percent capacity. As a measure to manage the water levels, authorities have planned to release 1000 cusecs of water from the dam today at 5:00 PM into the river basin.

In light of the water release, the district administration has issued a public appeal for citizens to exercise caution and refrain from entering the riverbed during this time. It is imperative to prioritize safety and avoid venturing into the riverbed as it may pose risks due to the increased water flow.

Additionally, the district administration has advised people to relocate any materials or animals present in the riverbed to safer locations immediately. Residents residing in low-lying areas are urged to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to safeguard their lives and properties.

As the dam approaches its full capacity, the cooperation and responsible actions of the residents are crucial to ensure everyone’s safety during this period of heightened water release.

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