Pune News : Kondhwa traffic police announces diversion 

In a meeting held at Kondhwa Police Station on 22/03/2023, Additional Commissioner of Police from East Regional Division, Pune City, was present. The Kondhwa Division of Traffic presented a report suggesting that citizens go out for shopping in the evening, which leads to a large number of vehicles crowding the roads near Fakhri Hills Chowk, Mayfair Chowk to Pargenagar, Sarvodaya Colony Chowk to Kausarbagh Masjid, Bhagyodanagar, Mithanagar, Shivnernagar, and Talab Masjid. To prevent traffic congestion, Vijaykumar Magar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic branch Pune City, has issued a notification to divert traffic in the area.

According to the notification, all traffic heading towards Kamela and Salunke Vihar from Jyoti Hotel Chowk via Fakhri Hills Chowk will be prohibited from turning right. Instead, they will take a U-turn from Lullanagar Chowk to reach Kamela and Salunke Vihar. Heavy traffic taking a left turn from Jyoti Hotel Chowk to Pargenagar via Mayfair Junction will be prohibited from taking the left turn. They will go straight to Pargenagar via Jyoti Hotel Chowk and Shital Chowk. Additionally, heavy traffic from Pargenagar to Jyoti Hotel via Mayfair Junction will be stopped and will go to Jyoti Hotel via Pargenagar and Shital Chowk.

The notification has been issued on an experimental basis as per the Government of Maharashtra Home Department No.MVA.0196/871/CR-37 / TRA-2 dated 27/09/1996, which grants Vijaykumar Magar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Pune Traffic Police, Pune City, the power to regulate traffic in the area. The diversion of traffic will only affect vehicles that are not in essential service, such as Fire Brigade and Ambulance.

This notification will be in effect from dt. 24/03/2023 to 22/04/2023. Citizens are advised to plan their travel accordingly and cooperate with the traffic authorities to ensure the smooth flow of traffic in the area.

Nividita Kelapure 

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