Pune News: Mohol gets civil aviation & co-op; hopes up for new airport in Pune

Pune News: Mohol gets civil aviation & co-op; hopes up for new airport in Pune

Pune News: Mohol gets civil aviation & co-op; hopes up for new airport in Pune

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Member of Parliament Murlidhar Mohol from Pune has been appointed as the Minister of State for Cooperation and Civil Aviation. The government made this announcement on Monday. 

Mohol emphasized that Maharashtra’s vast network of cooperative institutions serves as a vital tool to uplift the poor. Aviation experts are optimistic that his appointment could expedite several pending projects, such as the runway expansion at Lohegaon Airport and the long-awaited new airport project in Purandar.

Retired Air Marshal Bhushan Gokhale stated that Mohol is well aware of Pune’s need for an independent airport. “His appointment will ensure that a site for the new Pune airport project is finalized quickly and work begins. The extension of the runway at the Air Force Station, Lohegaon, and the development of the existing civil enclave should be fast-tracked,” he added. Both projects have faced delays for years.

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis mentioned before the LS poll that land acquisition for the new airport project would commence after the election. Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new terminal building of the Lohegaon airport on March 10, it is yet to become operational.

Former president of the MCCIA Sudhir Mehta remarked, “Mohol’s appointment as minister of state for civil aviation acknowledges the critical need for a dedicated airport in Pune. It will address other infrastructural challenges. There is a significant infrastructural gap that has hindered the city’s growth.”

Deepak Shastri, the former director of Pune and Shirdi airports, noted that as civil aviation minister, Mohol would accelerate both the existing and proposed airport projects. “Regarding the commissioning of a new terminal, his position will help expedite the regulatory approval soon. However, the Purandar project is stuck at the state level. Issues are more political, and Mohol’s initiative and influence will determine its fate. But Pune will have someone in Delhi to listen and act, which is encouraging. It raises hope for some concrete action,” Shastri added.