Pune News : Now, PMC to fine Rs 500 to people feeding pigeons

PMC to impose fine of Rs 500 for feeding pigeons
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Pune: Health Department of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to charge Rs 500 fine for feeding pigeons as they are responsible for many lung diseases.

Dr Kalpana Baliwant, Assistant Medical Health Officer at Pune Municipal Corporation said, “We have instructed all health inspectors to keep people away from feeding pigeons at public places. We have given letter to all ward officers to implement this under their leadership, so that people need not face any disease through pigeon droppings.’’

According to the civic body, many pathogens are found in faeces of pigeons which may cause pneumonia like diseases in people. It also causes breathing related difficulties in many people.

This initiative of the PMC was welcomed by many residents. Anil Kumar resident of Navi Peth said, “We are thankful to the civic body as they have taken such bold steps. Because there are many people who publicly feed and create menace for others. But now imposing such a penalty will help to control such people. At the same time, many people are opposing this move and are told that, to feed birds is not a crime, they are not doing any crime and they will continue to feed birds. ”