Pune News: PMC to fine citizens for water wastage in societies and bungalows

Pune News: PMC to fine citizens for water wastage in societies and bungalows

Pune News: PMC to fine citizens for water wastage in societies and bungalows

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In a bid to curb water wastage, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is set to introduce new rules and regulations targeting housing societies and individual bungalows. This initiative aims to impose fines on those misusing water within civic areas.

As per existing legal provisions, a fine of only Rs 100 can be levied for each instance of water wastage. However, civic officials believe this amount is insufficient to deter offenders. “We need a provision for heavier fines, similar to those for solid waste management offences,” said Nandkishor Jagtap, head of PMC’s water supply department.

Once the new rules are approved, fines will apply not only to commercial establishments but also to private individuals. The PMC has identified 10 specific offences for which fines can be charged, including bypassing or dismantling water meters installed by the PMC. “Before imposing a fine, there will be a lengthy process of sending notices and receiving replies. The current fine of Rs 100 is inadequate,” remarked a senior PMC official.

Vivek Velankar of Sajag Nagrik Manch expressed similar concerns: “A fine amount this low will not be effective. Considering the resources required to enforce the fine, the expenses will outweigh the recovery amount.”

As part of PMC’s plan, flying squads from the solid waste management department will be tasked with inspecting violations of water usage rules. This responsibility will be added to their current duties, which include ensuring adherence to solid waste management regulations.

The PMC has already been enforcing fines for breaches of solid waste management rules, such as burning garbage, open defecation, failing to segregate wet and dry garbage, littering in public places, and not handing over garbage to ragpickers. 

Sandip Kadam, head of PMC’s solid waste management department, stated that the fines for improper garbage segregation were increased from May 22. “The fine now stands at Rs 300 for the first offence and Rs 500 for each subsequent offence for individual households. Bulk waste generators face fines of Rs 5,000 for the first offence and Rs 15,000 for each subsequent offence,” he said.

The PMC’s new approach to water conservation underscores the importance of responsible water usage and aims to foster a more sustainable urban environment.