Pune News : Porwal Road Residents Demand Urgent Action on Critical Road Issues Amidst Rapid Urbanization”

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Over the past few years, Porwal Road, Lohegaon, Dhanori, and Charholi Phata have witnessed significant urban development. However, the lack of adequate infrastructure, including accessible roads, drinking water, and drainage supply, is becoming a major concern for the residents.

The area’s proximity to IT parks and MIDC hubs near Viman Nagar, Wagholi, Charholi, and Lohegaon has attracted many residents. Nonetheless, the underdeveloped infrastructure is proving to be a major drawback.

Residents in the vicinity are grappling with several issues, including long queues of vehicular traffic due to poorly managed roads, narrow thoroughfares, and encroachments on existing roads, as well as subpar road quality.

Avinash Rajput, a resident of Tranquil Park society, expressed his concerns, stating, “The traffic problem keeps escalating. We feel helpless as there is no one addressing our issues. Neither traffic personnel nor the Pune Municipal Corporation takes responsibility for the roads. With several hospitals around, emergencies could lead to critical situations.”

Ashish Tambe, another resident of Tranquil Park, voiced his frustration, “The traffic situation has become a serious challenge in our area. By 8.30 AM, long queues of vehicles disrupt daily commutes to offices, workplaces, and schools. School children arrive late, and officers face nightmarish journeys. Sadly, nobody seems concerned about resolving our issues.”

The residents are urging the authorities to promptly address these pressing road-related problems, considering the rapid urbanization and the growing demands of the area.

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