Pune News : Power Supply of Parvati Water Works Went Off Only For 21 Minutes and Not 1.5 Hours : Clarifies MSEDCL

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Pune, July 4, 2023: Mahavitaran, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL), the power distribution company, has clarified that the power supply to Parvati Water Works was only shut down for a brief period of 21 minutes on Monday morning, instead of the previously reported one and a half hours due to a bird getting stuck in the power line.

Contrary to earlier claims of a one and a half-hour power outage affecting the central part of the city, Mahavitran has denied any significant disruption to the water supply. Parvati Water Works receives electricity through a 22 KV express line. On Monday, the power supply was temporarily interrupted at 8:04 am when a bird got stuck in the overhead power lines at the water station and unfortunately perished. The fault was promptly detected, and power supply was restored by 8:25 am.

The Water Works premises have large tree branches in close proximity to the overhead power lines, which serve as a habitat for various bird species. Mahavitaran has previously notified water works department authorities about the need to prune some of these branches.

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