Pune News : Projects worth Rs 7,347 crores to be implemented to meet power requirements 

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Pune News : Projects worth Rs 7,347 crores to be implemented to meet power requirements

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Vishwas Pathak, director of MSEB Holding Company, stated that in order to address the rising population and more power demand in Pune district, projects worth Rs 7347 crore have been initiated under the RDSS scheme. 

These projects aim to enhance the power distribution network, thereby resolving numerous power supply issues in the district. 

Pathak further emphasized the necessity of improving the infrastructure of MSEDCL in Pune district due to the escalating power demand.

MLA Bhimrao Tapkir, MLA Sangram Thopte, MLA Ashok Pawar, MLA Dilip Mohite Patil, MLA Sanjay Jagtap, Sanjay Taksande, the Director of Operations at MSEDCL, Arvind Bhadikar, the Director of HR,  Sandeep Kalantri, the Director of Mahatransmission, Ankush Nale, the Director of MSEDCL,  Rajendra Pawar, the Chief Engineer of MSEDCL, and Sunil Pawade, the Chief Engineer of MSEDCL were present.

Director Vishwas Pathak has announced that the RDSS scheme has been launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the growing power demand. The state will receive Rs 42,000 crore while Pune district will receive Rs 7,347 crore to improve the power distribution network, install smart meters. These efforts will significantly reduce losses and revolutionize power supply, ensuring high-quality power supply.

The ‘Chief Minister Solar Agriculture Channel Scheme 2.0’ has been launched by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to ensure a consistent power supply for farmers. This initiative aims to generate 7,000 MW of electricity for agricultural purposes using solar energy. Tenders have already been issued for the generation of 3,500 MW power, including a 244 MW tender in Pune district. By implementing this scheme, the needs of farmers will be met, and industries will also benefit from reduced cross subsidy burden, enabling them to provide electricity at competitive rates in the future.

The public representatives in attendance put forth a range of requests concerning electricity, each aligned with their respective assembly constituencies. It was stated that, in light of the growing population in different areas of Pune district, the capacity of power supply should be augmented, along with an increase in the number of electricity personnel. Furthermore, there was a call for strengthening the power supply network, taking into consideration the rising number of industries in the district and their expanding operations.