Pune News : Relocate dogs from Bramha Suncity, demand residents

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Wadgaonsheri: A day after the seven year old boy was mauled over by a pack of stray dogs in Wadgaon Sheri’s Bramha Suncity society, more than 100 residents gathered for a silent march demanding relocation of the stray dogs. The society of 1300 flat has over 80 stray dogs, of which a pack of dogs attacked the 7 year old. 

Seema Goneka, a resident of the society, said, “PMC van claimed that they have taken away 41 dogs but 5-6 dogs are still in society. Whereas the group of dogs which attacked the boy are still seen in the premises. They must be taken out immediately. Also, we have no concerns against the feeders, but we want the dogs to be fed outside our premises.”

She reiterated, “For the last 2 years we are trying to take these dogs away from the society but animal lovers are opposing it. We are now afraid to park vehicles or send our kids alone. Many stray dogs are also carrying skin infections. Why arent the dog feeders looking after their health issues too.”

Click for video: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/sgIJuOYFgUI

Another resident Nitin Nigam said, “PMC took around 30 dogs from our society and has promised to take away other dogs as well. But these dog feeders are still feeding the dogs, these feeders can easily feed the dogs outside our society keeping us and our children safe and also our campus clean.”

Speaking on the feeding of raw meat to the dogs, Seema Goenka, said, “These dog feeders bring about 50 kgs of raw meat to feed these dogs. For them human flesh and raw meat is same. Hence, they keep chasing people and attack them.” 

“We conducted the silent march yesterday night, as we want the dog feeders should not feed the dogs inside our society. We had also complained about it to the police against and yet the people from society are feeding these dogs,” said Vivek Chopra, another resident of Bramha Suncity.

However, Dr Sarika Punde, veterinary officer of PMC stated that, “According to the rules of Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules we are not allowed to relocate the dogs and if we do so we will be punished. However, we will conduct a vaccination drive from today.” 

Mrunal Jadhav