Pune News : Surge in tomato prices leave citizens worried

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By: Pune Pulse

July 10, 2023

Pune: The skyrocketing prices of tomatoes in just two weeks have worried the citizens of Pune.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Indrayani V, a resident of Sahakarnagar Pune said, “I used to buy 1 kg tomatoes for Rs 60 to 80 till June. But now the price is Rs 140. The prices have doubled in such a short time. Hence, I request the authorities to come up with a solution to decrease the prices.”

Mugdha Kelkar, a resident of Bavdhan Pune said, “The price of tomatoes has reached a new height as earlier the price was between Rs 40 to Rs 60 per kg. However, now the prices have become Rs 100 – Rs 120. We are very worried due to these exorbitant prices.”

Monika Sharma, a resident of NIBM Road Pune said, “Earlier, the price for tomatoes was Rs 30 to 40 but now the price has risen to Rs 100 per kg. Concrete steps should be taken soon to reduce the prices.”

According to data from the APMC Pune website:

On 2nd July, the collection of tomatoes in APMC was 2392 quintals, the minimum price was Rs 1000/quintal & maximum price was Rs 6000/quintal.

On 9th July, the collection of tomatoes in APMC was 1967 quintals, the minimum price was Rs 3000/quintal & maximum price was Rs 8000/quintal.

Mahadev Muglay, a vegetable seller in Erandwane, Pune said, ” The prices of tomatoes have shot up. Earlier, when the prices were less I used to buy 20 kg of tomatoes. However, since the price hike, I am buying 5 kg tomatoes only. Due to such high prices, even customers are purchasing fewer tomatoes.

Yashdish Raut, another vegetable seller in Prabhat Road area, Pune said,  ” No one is purchasing tomatoes. Hence, I am thinking of not selling it unless the prices are reduced.”

Another vegetable seller in Sahakarnagar Pune, requesting anonymity said, “Earlier, the price for 1 kg tomatoes was Rs 40. Now, the prices are Rs 120-140 per kg. I request the concerned officials to please reduce the prices. Due to the price rise, people are not buying it.  So, I have to throw them away after some days as they rot.”

Aniruddha Bhosale, Director, APMC Pune, said “The rain arrived late this year due to which the farming of new tomatoes has been delayed, leading to shortage in supply & increase in price since the last 2 weeks. Now, the rain has started to arrive. Thus, when rain will start coming regularly, farming of more tomato crops will begin, leading to more supply & normalizing of prices.”

Shreyas Vange