Pune News : Tender for water supply scheme for Wagholi and Lohegaon floated

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By: Pune Pulse

July 10, 2023

Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has floated a tender to supply water to Wagholi and Lohegaon areas was floated recently. Currently, the residents have to procure water from private players due to absence of water supply from the PMC.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Anil Kumar Mishra President, Team Wagholi Against Corruption said, “The population of Wagholi is 3 lakhs which is huge in number. In the last 10 years, we have paid an amount of Rs 50 thousand crores as taxes (inclusive of all sorts of Taxes). In spite of this, we are facing water shortages. Every year we (Wagholikars) spend more than Rs. 1,200 crores from our pockets to buy water from Private Water tankers. We have complained numerous times to the PMC regarding water supply and also 3 times, protest was done by Team WACO which has by and large fallen on deaf ears.”

“Apart from the issue of water supply, residents in Wagholi face problems of bad roads with the exception of Pune-Nagar road. Everywhere, there are potholes which worsen during monsoon. There are other issues as well,” he further added.

Vadgaon Sheri constituency MLA Sunil Tingre on his twitter account also shared about the release of water pipeline tender.

Mishra, further said, “For 2 years, Wagholi has come under the jurisdiction of PMC. A massive water project of 5 MLD (Millions of Litre per Day) capacity was sanctioned by PMRDA in 2019 and its work was supposed to be finished in 2020 but it is still not completed. In totality 3.7 crore litres of water is required every day for Wagholi, which is not being provided. There are approximately 250+ big societies in Wagholi. Living in Wagholi is like living in hell. All the taxes are paid on time. However, the PMC gives excuses whenever we approach them about the issue.”

With so many false commitments given by PMC officials, our ‘Virat Jan Andolan’ (3rd Protest) was temporarily discontinued last time in February 2023. Till date, we feel sorry and sad about that!!

However, this time during Virat Jan Andolan 2.0 (4th Protest), we won’t commit the same mistake.

Until Commissioners (or Divisional Commissioner/ Deputy CM or CM) come & provide us the finaled development plan (DPR with sign) for Water, Drainage & Roads in Wagholi, our protest will continue…!!

We have collected all the details of their corruptions since inception, their false commitments, receivings, Sanction Letters, Approvals etc…As / if needed, we’ll put everything in front of everyone including Media houses.

Mr. Mishra further said that a massive protest will be conducted on July 20 at 11 am in front of PMC headquarter shivaji nagar Pune.

Assuring the residents of Wagholi & Lohegaon about continuous water supply, Aniruddha Pawaskar, Head, PMC Water Supply Department said, “The PMC has issued a tender for effective water supply in Wagholi and Lohegaon. Major aspects like how much water supply, cost is mentioned in the tender.”

Massive Protest to be held by Team WACO (Team Wagholi Against Corruption) against No Water Supply & No Proper Roads with Drainage lines in Wagholi on July 20.

Team Wagholi Against Corruption Organisation (WACO) is going to hold a huge protest in front of the PMC headquarters in Shivajinagar on July 20, 2023, at 11 am. Telling more about the protest, Sushil Deo Pandey, Resident of Neo City Wagholi & Member of Team Wagholi Against Corruption said, “We have been asking the PMC for basic facilities in Wagholi like proper roads and everyday water supply in Wagholi. Still, nobody acts on these issues seriously. We have protested fiercely 3 times, however, no impact is there on PMC. Thus, we will protest on July 20 in front of PMC in the hope that PMC will listen to us and resolve all these issues asap. More than 4000 Team WACO hasembers.”

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