Pune News : Traffic Diversion Announced in Kasba Peth Due to Pedestrian Subway Construction Work

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By: Pune Pulse

July 11, 2023

Pune: The construction of a pedestrian subway from Sattoti police station in Kasba Peth to Budhwar Peth metro station has been taken up due to this, traffic will be diverted from Pawle Chowk to Kamala Nehru Chowk.

As per information, between Pawle Chowk and Kamla Nehru Chowk (Agarwal Road), the traffic of three-wheelers, four-wheelers and heavy vehicles is banned temporarily.

Motorists going to Kamla Nehru Hospital from Pawle Chowk via Agarwal Road should take Punyashwar Road via Kumbharves Chowk, Kasba Peth Zonal Office, turn right and take Baburao Awhad Path to the desired destination.

From Pawle Chowk, take Dagdi Pal Road via Manik Chowk, Phadke Houd Chowk, and Ganesh Road to the desired destination.

From Kamla Nehru Hospital Chowk, take Agarwal Road to Pawle Chowk and turn left from Kamla Nehru Chowk to Maharana Pratap Road to Devjibaba Chowk, Ganesh Road to your desired destination.

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