Pune News : Traffic diverted in Kalyani Nagar due to Pune Metro Rich 3 route work

Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. has announced that the work on the Pune Metro Rich-3 route between Civil Court and Ramwadi, which falls under the Yerawada Transport Division in Pune City, is currently underway. Additionally, the construction of the Kalyaninagar railway station of Maha Metro is also in progress.

However, due to the ongoing work, there will be a change in traffic patterns from February 28, 2023, until March 14, 2023. In light of this, the Government of Maharashtra Home Department No.M.V. A.0196/871 / CR 37/TRA-2 has issued a notification on September 27, 1996, authorizing Vijayakumar Magar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Pune City, in accordance with the Yerawada Traffic Division, to change the provisional format of traffic.

As per the new traffic guidelines, traffic from N M Chavan Chowk to Adlab Chowk and from Adlab Chowk to N M Chavan chowk will be prohibited. To ensure smooth flow of traffic, the alternative route has been established. Traffic going towards N M Chavan Chowk will have to turn right from Gold Adlab Chowk to Kalyaninagar Lane no. 3 and then turn left to N.M. Chavan Chowk. The traffic coming from the square is required to turn left from N.M. Chavan Chowk to Kalyaninagar Lane no. 3 and then turn right to Adlab Chowk.

The changes in traffic patterns will be in effect from February 28, 2023, until March 14, 2023. Commuters are advised to plan their routes accordingly and follow the new traffic guidelines to avoid any inconvenience.

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