Pune News : Trouble mounts for citizens carrying out online correction in 7/12 extracts

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Pune News : Trouble mounts for citizens carrying out online correction in 7/12 extracts

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Despite attempting to rectify a spelling mistake in his surname on 7/12 extract property documents online, a Pune City resident found himself making multiple visits to the talathi’s office. Numerous offline applications were necessary to ensure the correction of his surname on the 7/12 extracts.

This individual’s experience is not unique, as many citizens have faced similar challenges in correcting errors in their documentation, despite the availability of online modification options provided by the revenue department since last year. While the online software allows for changes, the lack of departmental coordination has led to conflicts and obstacles for the public.

The Pune resident highlighted that the talathi’s office had initially misspelled his name when he requested heirship information, and the correction only took effect after his in-person visit. Advocates argue that instead of burdening the public, the talathis and the collector’s office should fulfill their duties to streamline the process, emphasizing that the intended purpose of eliminating middlemen is defeated when citizens are compelled to visit offices.

Citizen activists propose the establishment of e-seva kendras or kiosks to assist citizens in filing complaints without the need to visit the collector’s office. Despite applying online for heirship, a senior citizen reported receiving no response from the talathi’s office.

A senior revenue official acknowledges the need for improvement and emphasizes the request for talathis to process applicants’ requests without unnecessary in-person visits, displaying a timeline for every application on the online dashboard. Cases where citizens are compelled to visit the office without cause should be investigated, and complaints can be lodged at the collector’s office.

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