Pune : Non-functional CCTV cameras irk Bavdhan residents; demand immediate action

Pune : Non-functional CCTV cameras irk Bavdhan residents; demand immediate action

Pune Pulse Impact: Repair work of non-functional CCTV cameras begins in Bavdhan

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Several residents of Bavdhan are troubled as the CCTV cameras in many areas of Bavdhan like LMD Chowk, Laxmi Datta Chowk etc are not working since a long time.

Speaking to Pune Pulse Manish Deo, resident of Bavdhan & Member of Bavdhan Citizens Forum, said “Since around 8 to 9 months, the CCTV cameras are not working at areas like LMD Chowk, Laxmi Datta Chowk where a CCTV camera is broken as well, near Tinseltown society and more. Whenever a complaint is raised on the PMC portal, they direct it to the Smart City officials. Smart City officials say that they are not responsible for any work in Bavdhan area as they haven’t installed CCTVs in Bavdhan. Ward office is saying that we need to enquire about this at the main building of the PMC at Shivajinagar. Police say that they are responsible only for monitoring the areas through CCTVs. LMD Chowk is always crowded with roadside vendors etc. There is a school over there. A few days ago, while going towards Tinseltown society, an incident took place where vehicles were vandalized. Even Laxmi Datta Chowk remains crowded. There is a garden called Padmashri G D Madgulkar Udyan where people come in large numbers. Hence, if any untoward incident happens anywhere with CCTVs not working, who will be held responsible?”

Vyankatesh Patil, Resident of Bavdhan, said “A complaint was given regarding this CCTV issue around 5 to 6 months ago. However, the responsibility was simply being shouldered from one authority to another as I was told to approach Smart City officials, Smart City officials said to go to the main building of PMC etc. No response has been given by either the PMC or Smart City for the issue. A CCTV camera near Laxmi Datta Chowk had broken. So, I had complained about that. As the Laxmi Datta Chowk remains crowded & as highway is also nearby, CCTVs are a must to monitor everything. That’s why I had complained about it. However, I found out that this issue is everywhere in Bavdhan. Hence, soon, we will take a follow up about the complaint with the PMC.”

C S Krishnan, Core Member, Bavdhan Citizens Forum, said “This issue is of CCTV cameras not working is there in Bavdhan for quite some time. What happens is after the CCTVs are installed, maintenance for the same is not done. Any authority, who carries out an important project/work, just do it for inauguration purpose & forget it. There is no time-to-time maintenance or checks for the same. Hence, maintenance is the key.”

Shrinivas Kandul, Chief Engineer (Electrical), PMC Electrical Department, said “We will look into the issues & take appropriate action.”

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