Pune: Petition Filed By Residents To Close Down Unlawful Bars and Rooftop Restaurants in Kalyani nagar

Pune News: Kalyani Nagar Residents Advocate For Say In Actions Against Local Bars and Pubs  

Pune News: Kalyani Nagar Residents Advocate For Say In Actions Against Local Bars and Pubs  

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Residents of Kalyaninagar have initiated a petition on Change.org, urging authorities to revoke licenses for rooftop establishments, pubs, and bars operating unlawfully within their residential area. 

The petition highlights the concerns of locals about numerous eateries and nightlife venues in Kalyaninagar and other parts of Pune flouting licensing regulations and violating residential zoning laws.

A major issue raised by the petitioners is the fire safety risk posed by these establishments. They refer to a significant fire incident on May 29, 2023, at an IT park building in Kalyaninagar, where 19 people were injured. Residents claim that rescuing people from rooftop restaurants during a fire is particularly challenging, underscoring the urgent need to cancel the licenses of these illegal rooftops.

Additionally, the residents have been requesting civic authorities to revise the closing time of pubs and nightclubs to 11:30 PM. They argue that operating beyond this time increases the risk of public safety incidents, such as accidents caused by drunken driving. The petition also mentions that these establishments are causing significant noise and disturbance, disrupting the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood.

Another concern is the conversion of parking spaces into dining areas by these venues, leading patrons to park on the roads and causing major traffic snarls in Kalyaninagar. The recent Porsche accident in Kalyaninagar, which claimed two lives, has further highlighted the urgent need for stricter nightlife regulations.

Residents have written a letter to the Pune Police Commissioner, Pune District Collector, and other authorities detailing the issues caused by the late-night operations of these clubs.

Santosh Jagdale, Deputy Superintendent of the State Excise Department, told a news agency, “We take strict action against bars and nightclubs operating beyond 1:30 AM. Action was taken against almost 10 rooftop establishments and 16 pubs in Kalyaninagar. The operating timings for hotels and pubs are decided by the state government, but I assure the citizens that strict action will be taken against establishments violating the rules and guidelines.”