Pune: PMC Halts Monorail Project in Kothrud’s Thorat Udyan

Pune: PMC Halts Monorail Project in Kothrud’s Thorat Udyan

Pune: PMC Halts Monorail Project in Kothrud’s Thorat Udyan

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) on Tuesday announced the suspension of the monorail project planned for the Late Tatyasaheb Thorat Udyan in Kothrud.

PMC Order

The official PMC order stated, “Regarding the permanent cancellation of the proposed monorail project in Thorat Udyan, Kothrud, Pune, MP Vandana Chavan and several garden enthusiasts submitted two letters requesting the project’s cancellation. The complaints received about the monorail project were forwarded to the Garden Department for further action. Following the orders from the additional municipal commissioner (Estate), Pune Municipal Corporation, a ‘work suspension notice’ has been issued to the approved contractor, halting the project.”

A stay has been put on the construction of the monorail project in Kothrud’s Thorat Udyan. The point of permanent cancellation will be discussed with the PMC commissioner, and a final decision will be made subsequently.

The monorail construction would have made the park unusable, hazardous for children, and a waste of taxpayers’ money. Permanent closure of the project is essential.”

This decision is welcomed by all concerned citizens who have actively opposed the project.

Timeline of Citizen Action Against the Monorail Project:

  • January 26, 2024: Over 500 garden users sign a campaign to stop the monorail project.
  • February 5: Objection letters sent to the garden department and vehicle depot department of the PMC.
  • February 8: Citizens meet with then PMC commissioner Vikram Kumar to voice objections.
  • March 2: Public meeting held in Thorat Udyan to gather support from citizens and political leaders.
  • March 21: Ravindra Dhangekar and Vandana Chavan meet with PMC commissioner Dr. Rajendra Bhosale. Chavan submits a letter of objection supporting citizens.
  • May 21: PMC communicates the decision to suspend the project.

Citizens have expressed their satisfaction with the suspension, hopeful for a permanent cancellation of the monorail project. The collaborative effort between the community and local leaders showcases the power of collective action in preserving public spaces.