Pune : PMC issues guidelines for environment friendly Ganeshotsav

Pune Pulse Pune : PMC issues guidelines for environment friendly Ganeshotsav

Pune : PMC issues guidelines for environment friendly Ganeshotsav

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September 15, 2023

Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has issued guidelines from September 19 to 28 on the occasion of Ganeshotsav.

As per information, PMC has urged all Punekars to adopt alternative ways to immerse idols. For this purpose, facilities for the immersion of Ganesh idols will be provided at various places in the city through artificial immersion wells. The immersion will be facilitated at iron immersion tanks in the form of 42 constructed wells under 15 field offices & a total of 568 tanks at 265 locations across Pune.

Ganesha idol collection centres/Ganesha idol donation centres have been set up at a total of 252 places under 15 regional offices and public awareness is being spread through PMC regional offices that citizens should donate a maximum amount of idols without immersing the idols in natural sources.

Nirmalya collection has been arranged at all artificial wells and Ganesha idol collection points under the field offices. For this, 256 Nirmalya Kalash/Containers will be arranged.

Detailed information about all the systems set up by the Pune Municipal Corporation. It will be made available on the website www.pmc.gov.in

In Ganeshotsav 2023, recycling activities will be implemented through Pune Municipal Corporation and various NGOs. In this, Shadu soil after Ganesh immersion will be collected and reused through the ECOEXIST organization, Swachh Pune Seva Cooperative Society and various other voluntary organizations. Shadu soil is a limited resource and mining of this soil is causing environmental degradation.

The dumping of clay idols creates silt and deposits silt in the riverbed affecting marine life. Recycling of this shadu soil can help the idol makers by returning the idols/soil to them. Detailed information about recycling activities and the Shadu soil collection centre is available at www.punaravartan.org

Nirmalya includes only garlands, leaves, and flowers. Plastic, thermocol, cloth items or pictures, idols or their remains and any food should not be put in it. Nirmalya is collected and made into fertilizer and given to the farmers, which is why all the citizens are being appealed to not to throw any items or other waste in the Prasad Nirmalya that may violate the sanctity of it.

Compost will be manufactured from Nirmalya through the CSR of Cummins India Company.

Arrangements for the re-immersion of Ganesha idols collected through all field offices have been made through the Solid Waste Management Department by appointing necessary servants and supervisory officers in three shifts in the mine at Wagholi.

All zonal offices have been notified to maintain cleanliness in all public places, roads, open plots, chronic spots, riverbeds, river ghats, immersion wells, and premises of public Ganesha Mandals in accordance with the maintenance of public cleanliness throughout the city of Pune during Ganeshotsav period.

Nagar Road regarding the appointment of lifeguards at the mining site at the Wagholi-Vadgaon Sheri regional office has been informed.

Security regarding the appointment of watchmen at the mine site at Wagholi. The department has been informed.

The Motor Vehicle Department has been informed about the availability of necessary cars as per the demand of the Regional Office.

Regarding the re-immersion of Ganesh idols, Collector, Regional Officer, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, Commissioner of Police as well as The Superintendent of Police, Pune Rural has also been informed.

All the citizens have been requested to celebrate Ganeshotsav in an environmentally friendly manner and through the social media of the Pune Municipal Corporation, VMDs, hoardings, banners, posters etc. Public awareness is being done.

A total of 400 mobile toilets and 150 mobile cisterns will be arranged during the Ganeshotsav period through the Pune Municipal Corporation.

Pune Municipal Corporation has made the information of 1183 Public Toilets (CT/PT) in Pune city available in the Toilet Seva app. In the Toiletseva app, one can find the public toilets of the Pune Municipal Corporation by entering any address in the city of Pune. Before Ganeshotsav, QR Code stickers will be installed in all public toilets in Pune city. Citizens should take advantage of this information by using the Toiletseva app and give feedback about public toilets through ratings from the Toiletseva app. PMC has appealed to report if any such issues are found.

On behalf of the fire station, for the safety of the citizens who come to the immersion ghats along the Mutha river for Ganesh immersion, 1 fireman each from the force will be present from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm every day during this time and 2 lifeguards each will be appointed in three shifts. Fire officials will also be appointed on these ghats to monitor the said employees and immersion on various days during the Ganeshotsav period.

The fire brigade is committed to people’s safety and in any emergency, people must contact the fire brigade on telephone no 101.

A responsible person must be present with children at rivers, canals, wells, and ponds while immersing Ganesha idols.

During Ganpati immersion in a boat, it should not accommodate more persons than its capacity. Also, persons seated should not behave in such a way as to cause an accident to the boat.

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