Pune Police Returns Stolen Valuables Worth Rs. 6 Crores to Owners

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Pune police have successfully reunited stolen ornaments and valuables worth Rs. 6 crore with their rightful owners. The valuables were returned in a program held at the Shivaji Nagar headquarters of Pune city police in the presence of Chandrakant Patil, Pune’s Guardian Minister.

Patil personally handed over the recovered items to the individuals who had lost their gold, silver, diamond ornaments, and other valuable possessions in various burglary and theft incidents.

One of the beneficiaries, Mukta Chandorkar, a senior citizen and resident of Karvenagar, recently fell victim to a caretaker who stole her precious belongings. Mukta promptly reported the incident to the police, who swiftly apprehended the culprit. Overjoyed and relieved, Mukta expressed her gratitude to the police force for their swift action and assistance.

Shailaja Pisal, another victim, lost her 15-gram gold bangles while traveling on a bus in Swargate. She filed a complaint at the Swargate police station, and after two years, the police successfully helped her recover her stolen valuables.

Amir Shaikh also extended his gratitude to the police for solving a major burglary at their gold showroom. Through relentless efforts, the police apprehended the culprits and recovered valuable items worth Rs. 96 lakh.

During the event, Chandrakant Patil praised the dedication of the police force in solving cases and recovering stolen goods. He shared an anecdote about a close friend whose house was robbed. Thanks to the unwavering determination of the police, the thief was apprehended at the Pakistan border, and all the stolen items were successfully recovered.

Reetesh Kumar, Pune Police Commissioner, commended the efforts of the police in recovering and returning the stolen items to their rightful owners. Their commitment to solving cases and bringing justice to the victims demonstrates their dedication to ensuring the safety and security of the people of Pune.