Pune Railway Division To Get Two Parcel Scanners For Scanning Of All Outgoing Parcels

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Pune Rly division gets two parcel scanners for scanning all outgoing parcels

By: Pune Pulse

July 5, 2023

Pune: Pune Railway division has achieved a significant milestone in the Non-Fare Revenue (NFR) segment by successfully awarding a contract through e-auction. The contract falls under the static category and entails the provision of two scanners/tunnels for scanning all outgoing parcels at the Pune parcel office over a period of three years.

This contract is expected to generate an annual license fee of Rs. 30 lakhs for the Pune division, resulting in a total contract value of Rs. 90 lakhs over the course of the next three years.

The addition of the ‘Parcel Scanner” category in the E-Auction tender module was made in response to the advice of the Pune division. This strategic move has opened up new opportunities for revenue generation and improved operational efficiency.

The contract for the provision of parcel scanners will establish a robust mechanism for scanning all outward loading parcels at the Pune station parcel office. This implementation will enhance the security and tracking of parcels, ensuring a streamlined process and maintaining the highest standards of service.

The achievement of securing this contract underscores the Pune division’s commitment to maximizing non-fare revenue sources and continuously improving its operations. It serves as a testament to their dedication to delivering quality services while exploring innovative avenues for revenue growth.