Pune : Residents in Koregaon Park Annexe Disturbed by Nighttime Noise; Urgent Action Requested

Pune : Night time noise disturbance troubles Koregaon Park annexe residents ; immediate action sought

Pune : Night time noise disturbance troubles Koregaon Park annexe residents ; immediate action sought

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Residents of Koregaon Park are fed up of loud noise & sound coming from several eateries on Koregaon Park Annex – Mundhwa Road.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Kewal Shah, resident of Koregaon Park, said “Many establishments like pubs, restaurants etc in the area are on the rooftop or on the ground i.e. in an open area. Hence, as these are not in a closed or a covered area, whether it is Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the sound or noise levels go beyond the decibel limit. Due to this, the nearby residents have to suffer as a lot of disturbance happens. There is no control on noise pollution from the authorities. Hence, there must be decibel meters at every establishment & other solutions must be implemented so that no disturbance is caused to the nearby public.”

Narendra Shah, a resident of Koregaon Park, said “This issue is prevalent here since 10 years. We have complained so many times to the police regarding this. However, whenever any action is taken, it only lasts till hardly a week after which this noise issue starts again. This has become a regular nuisance. These establishments start music etc at 1 am which goes on till 3 am. They think that nobody notices this. Nowadays, the authorities seem to have become ignorant as, whenever a complaint is raised about this on 100 number, it is immediately closed without actually resolving the issue. The police ask us for the location to which we also tell them that this is near Mundhwa Road, ahead of North Road, there are several hotels from where night time loud noises or sounds come. But nothing is done about it. Also, the people, who run some of these hotels, stay in our society & other residential societies. Whenever we request them to stop this, they just don’t listen.”

A resident of Koregaon Park, requesting anonymity, said “We have raised several complaints about this to the police. Only for around half an hour after making the complaint, the loud music & sounds are shut, however, after some time, they are started again. No concrete action is taken against this.”

Mahesh Bolkotagi, Police Inspector, Mundhwa Police Station, said “We are everyday patrolling and checking all hotels at Koregaon Park Annex Mundhwa Road, Ghorpadi etc & ensuring immediate action if some establishments are found playing loud sounds, music etc.”

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