Pune : Sahakar Nagar residents troubled with illegal parking of vehicles 

Sahakar Nagar residents troubled with illegal parking of vehicles 
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By: Pune Pulse

September 19, 2023

Pune: Residents of societies like Vrushali Society etc. in Tulshibagwale Colony no 1, Sahakar Nagar no 2 area are fed up as several big vehicles like trucks, buses, tempos, etc are parked on open ground just outside the societies.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Harshad Deshpande, a resident of Vrushali Society, Sahakar Nagar no 2 said, “Huge vehicles such as buses, trucks, and more are parked here every day. A lot of illegal activities like partying, smoking, drinking, etc. keep happening here every day. At night time, the entire stretch is filled with huge vehicles as the drivers think that this is a designated parking spot to leave these vehicles. Along with illicit activities, whenever big vehicles are parked outside our society, there is no space to enter or exit the society as well. We always monitor the issues from our apartments by whistling loudly, making the people parking these vehicles move immediately. However, for how long will we keep doing this? We are common citizens. Even we have daily work & other things. There is no monitoring over here as various times police constables come and heckle the people who party & do other illegal activities in & around these vehicles, however, after the constables leave the place, these miscreants again come here & keep doing everything again. We need constant monitoring & a permanent solution to this issue which is on the rise every day. Also, the CCTVs present are not efficient or powerful enough to capture these things.”

Prasad Mukhedkar, a resident of Vrushali Society, Sahakar Nagar no 2 said, “The illegal parking & vehicle abandoning issue has been there for so long. The illicit activities problem is there. Another major issue over here is the waste & stink forming under the vehicles. It is a major factor for the rise in various vector-borne & other diseases. During the rainy season, rainwater remains saturated inside the trucks & other huge vehicles which again will give rise to water-borne diseases. Streetlights are far from here. Hence, nothing can be seen clearly over here after dark. Due to the size of these big vehicles, people urinate in the open ground space just outside our society as they think that they can hide behind these big, heavy vehicles & do whatever they want to without getting noticed.”

Satej Salunkhe, a resident of Vrushali Society, Sahakar Nagar no 2 said, “Being a senior citizen, it is very difficult for me to enter & exit the society whenever huge vehicles are parked. Other issues like partying, illicit activities, etc. keep happening every day by people hiding behind or inside these heavy vehicles.”

Prabhakar Raut, Watchman of Vrushali Society, Sahakar Nagar no 2 said, “Already, several big vehicles are parked which are not even noticed, let alone moved from here for good. However, whenever I see any miscreants trying to park more vehicles in the outside space of the society, I immediately heckle them away. But this is not enough at all. Something permanent & concrete resolution must be done.”

Jayaram Paygude, Police Inspector, Parvati Police Station said, “Every night, patrolling from our side is going on effectively throughout the area. Only one or two such incidents of illicit activities might have happened in that area. Also, we have already directed the traffic division to go & work out concrete solutions to remove the heavy vehicles from there. Rest assured, we are always maintaining law & order in the area.”

Shreyas Vange