Pune Satara and Nashik Highway : NHAI Postpones Toll Fee Hike Amid Lok Sabha Election 

Pune Satara and Nashik Highway : NHAI Postpones Toll Fee Hike Amid Lok Sabha Election - Representational pic

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In compliance with the directives issued by the Election Commission of India (ECI), the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has taken a significant step regarding toll fees at various booths in Maharashtra.

As per the recent announcement, the toll fee hike at Khed-Shivapur on the Pune-Satara highway, as well as at Chalkewadi and Hivargaon on the Pune Nashik highway, has been postponed until the conclusion of the election period.
Before this decision, light vehicles passing through the Khed-Shivapur toll booth were required to pay ₹115, while the toll fee at Chalkewadi and Hivargaon booths stood at ₹105. However, in light of the ECI’s directive, these rates will remain unchanged for the time being.

Aniket Yadav, the deputy manager at the Khed-Shivapur toll plaza, confirmed the receipt of the NHAI’s letter in the evening. Consequently, the toll collection at these booths will revert to the previous rates effective from midnight.

This decision is likely to bring relief to commuters, especially during the election period when financial burdens can add to the challenges of travel.
It’s important to note that such decisions are crucial in ensuring equitable and fair treatment of citizens during sensitive periods like elections. By postponing the toll fee hike, the authorities have demonstrated their commitment to upholding democratic principles and addressing the concerns of the public.

As the election season progresses, such measures contribute to a smoother and more accessible electoral process for all citizens, reaffirming the importance of responsive governance in a democratic society.

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