Pune Traffic: Mumbai-Bangalore Highway Traffic Jammed ; Long Queues of Vehicles till New Katraj Tunnel

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Heavy rains have wreaked havoc in several districts of the state, leading to a collapse of the transportation system in many areas. Pune, in particular, has been severely affected by these adverse weather conditions.

The traffic system has ground to a halt due to the presence of numerous potholes on the road in the Mutha Nadi Bridge area of Vadgaon Budruk along the Mumbai-Bangalore National Highway.

From the river bridge to the new Katraj tunnel, an extensive line of vehicles has formed, causing a complete standstill on the Mumbai-Bangalore highway. The incessant rain has had a significant impact on traffic flow, exacerbating the situation. Additionally, the roads in the Warje area, which connect to the Mumbai-Bangalore highway, have also experienced severe congestion.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Pandurang Waghmare, Assistant Police Inspector, Sinhagad Road Traffic Division, said “The PMC had put cement on several pothole patches on the road near Mutha river. Around 15 days ago, the cement had been washed away due to heavy rain and the entire road patch started developing huge potholes again. Since that time, the situation was getting bad to worse & today (19th July), the pothole scenario has worsened to an extent where the entire traffic, from Vadgaon Budruk to Mutha river, had to be halted. However, me and my team have got the entire pothole refurbishing work done now & the traffic flow has also started like before.”

Pandurang Waghmare has assured that in 2 to 2.5 hours time, the entire jam would be cleared & traffic would be smooth again.

The suffering caused by this traffic congestion extends to drivers, citizens, and students alike. The service roads in Vadgaon, Dhairi, Narhe, and Ambegaon have all been blocked due to the immense traffic jam. The authorities at Warje, Sinhagad, and Bharti Vidyapeeth Police are actively working to alleviate the traffic situation in the affected areas.

Traffic Jam on Mumbai-Nashik Highway :

Simultaneously, a substantial traffic jam has also paralyzed the Mumbai-Nashik highway, specifically between Shahapur and Asangaon. Numerous potholes have emerged along this route, causing significant disruptions. In one unfortunate incident, a car became lodged in a pothole while traveling from Nashik towards Mumbai, effectively blocking the road and exacerbating the traffic jam.

The backlog of vehicles on the lane heading towards Mumbai extends for several kilometers, creating lengthy queues and further compounding the traffic woes on the Mumbai-Nashik highway.

(With inputs from Shreyas Vange)

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