Pune Traffic Police Continue to Impose Penalty Even As RTO delays in handing over driving license and RC

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By: Pune Pulse

September 16, 2023

Pune: Since May 21, 2023, many driving license applicants in Pune have not received vehicle licenses from the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Over the 10,000 such applicants are awaiting the issuance of their license and RC.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Raju Ghatole, President, Motor Driving School Association, Pune said, ” From May 21, 2023, printing of new driving license issuance has been stopped in the entire state. It started on August 21 in only 3 cities in the entire Maharashtra – Mumbai, Nagpur and Sambhajinagar. What has happened is the entire load of 3 months – from May 21 to August 21 – is pending along with the new applications. Hence, several people in Pune haven’t received driving licenses due to which they are suffering unnecessarily. Thus, the 3-month pending lot of driving license printing must be cleared immediately for applicants to begin vehicle driving legally.”

As per information, due to the non-printing of licenses along with the registration certificate (RC), traffic police are taking action against people. Till the time the license is received, the receipt of the fee is accepted. Even after that, the action of the traffic police continues.

Vijaykumar Magar, Deputy Commissioner, Pune Traffic Department, has assured that traffic police will be instructed to refrain from taking action against drivers who have not obtained a license or RC smart card from RTO.

Sanjeev Bhor, Deputy Commissioner, RTO Pune said, “From May to August 2023, the contract of license printing was given to a company, but it expired. Hence, the printing of new driving licenses was stopped for 3 months. However, it has begun since August 21. Also, for license printing, only 3 cities are currently in the state which are Mumbai, Nagpur & Sambhaji Nagar. However, as per the new laser printing technology in these cities, the license printing work has gained speed and the entire 3-month lot is expected to be clear in the upcoming 8 to 10 days.”

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