Pune Traffic Police takes action against 500 modified bike silencers

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On 8th February & 9th February, the Pune Traffic Police took strict action against more than 500 modified bike silencers in Pune city.

As per further information from Pune Traffic Police, many motorists are violating Section 198 of the Motor Vehicle Act by modifying silencers of motorcycles, especially bullets, within the limits of the Pune City Police Commissionerate.

Also, in many areas of the city, during the day as well as night, vehicles with such modified silencers are adding to the noise pollution by making shrill noise. Hence, Pune Traffic Police has launched a special campaign in the entire city of Pune to take action against motorists who drive such motorcycles.

On 8/2/2024 and on 9/2/2024, the Pune Traffic Police took action against motorcycle drivers of 571 motorcycles where the modified silencers were removed. In this, the action has been majorly taken on motorcycles in areas like Pune Airport, Handewadi, Koregaon Park, Deccan, Bharti Vidyapeeth and Hadapsar traffic sections among others.

Hence, the Pune Traffic Police appeals to the citizens that if a motorist is found riding a motorcycle with such a modified silencer within the limits of the Pune City Commissionerate, inform on the Pune Traffic Police’s WhatsApp no 80872 40400 with vehicle number and location. Immediately, strict action will be taken against them.

Action will also be taken against shopkeepers selling such silencers.

Shreyas Vange

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