Pune Weather Update: 4°C drop in temp likely till February 9 

Pune Weather Update: 4°C drop in temp likely tillFebruary 9 

Pune Weather Update: 4°C drop in temp likely tillFebruary 9 

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The India Meteorological Department’s (IMD) weekly forecast indicates that Pune city will likely see a four-degree Celsius drop in temperature over the course of the next day. The city is expected to see a slight increase in temperature after February 9th, when the current low will persist.

According to a senior meteorologist at IMD Pune, the western disturbance that originated in northern India has moved slightly eastward, forming an induced cyclonic circulation over the northwest region of Rajasthan and the Pakistani border.

The meteorologist further said that strong jet streams are also present over northern India. Maharashtra experienced a rise in humidity as a result of these weather systems. As a result, many parts of the state saw temperature increases above average. But starting on February 5, the state is probably going to experience cool winds from the north, which will cause the minimum temperature to drop significantly.

In the upcoming days, Pune city should have clear skies because cool winds from the northern states will also be arriving. There will be a sharp drop in temperature starting on February 5, with the minimum temperature in the city probably falling by four degrees Celsius.

It is possible for the temperature to rise once more following a four to five day cold spell. Beginning on February 9, the country’s winds will shift, with comparatively warm winds from the southeast likely to have a significant impact on Pune and Maharashtra. Based on model predictions, Pune’s temperature will slightly rise starting on February 9.

In the meantime, the majority of February this year will see temperatures above average, according to IMD’s monthly weather forecast. In a similar vein, experts predict that this coming cold spell will probably be the last one to occur in the state.

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