Pune Weather Update : Fluctuation in day and night temperature leads to viral infection ; Docs advise care

Pune Weather Update : Fluctuation in day and night temperature leads to viral infection ; Docs advise care

Pune Weather Update: Temperature may reach 40°C in the next few days 

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Due to the significant temperature difference that the city has been experiencing between day and night, medical professionals have advised taking preventative measures, such as avoiding abrupt exposure to extreme temperature changes.

The difference in temperature between day and night has increased to 21.2 degrees. On Thursday, daytime highs in Shivajinagar reached a balmy 36.1 degrees Celsius (°C), while minimums fell to 14.9 degrees.

Furthermore, there has been a notable decrease in humidity during the day, with variations between 15% and 23% in different regions.

A family doctor offered some insight into the matter, stating that they are already seeing patients who have viral fever and diarrhea. Elevated afternoon temperatures combined with sharp drops in temperature at night can compromise immunity because the human body takes some time to adjust to temperature fluctuations. It is best to avoid going outside when it is very hot and to avoid drinking too cold water right afterward.

He continued by saying that even if one doesn’t feel thirsty, it’s still important to stay hydrated due to the decrease in humidity levels during the day. In these circumstances, dehydration can happen quickly and cause a number of health problems.

In order to combat the heat during the day, doctors advised wearing light, breathable clothing. For cooler evenings, they suggested wearing layers.

With the exception of Vidarbha, where localized instability may result in isolated thunderstorms in the coming days, the weather conditions throughout Maharashtra remain largely unaffected by major weather systems, according to a senior India Meteorological Department (IMD) Pune official. Over the next 24 hours, Pune’s minimum temperatures are expected to slightly drop, and on March 15, the city’s daytime temperatures are expected to slightly rise.

Doctors have advised that its important to report to the doctor incase of any fever or respiratory tract infections. 

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