Residents of Punawale society rejoice as the State govt orders builder to pay maintenance cost of unsold flats

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By: Pune Pulse

August 23, 2023

Pune: Residents of My Home Society in Punawale were worried as the builder has simply neglected the maintenance cost payments of the unsold flats due to which the society has to bear it.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Neeraj Patil, a resident of My Home Society, Punawale said, “The society was built in 2016. It was handed over to the society after naming the chairman and the secretary. The entire maintenance and other costs of the unsold flats shall be incurred by the builder. But that is not happening from the builder’s side. Hence, we have filed an appeal about this in 2021. After 2 years, we now have got the state government’s order that the builder must incur all the cost of the maintenance of unsold flats and it should not be incurred by the society.”

Gurunath Kulkarni, a senior Citizen and a resident of My Home Society, Punawale, said “We are very happy, as the state government has ordered the builder to pay the entire maintenance cost of the unsold flats. People do not come to support things which are in the best interest of our society. This is a good example for society members to come together and work.”

As per information from Atul Malode, Secretary of My Home Society, Punawale, the state government has given an order in favour of the society members, stating that the total amount to be recovered from the builder is Rs 6,24,310 in which the outstanding amount to be recovered from the builder is Rs 6,04,210, Stamp Charges Rs 100 and legal charges Rs 20,000.

Malode further said, “It is very satisfying to see that the state government has issued the order taking our side. As per law, the builder must bear all the costs of unsold flats. However, in addition to this, we also need that the conveyance deed is currently not in society members’ names. The proper capacity of the sewage treatment plant, waste management, and seepage is required. Also, a PCMC water connection is required for new buildings. Even after repeated follow-ups, the builder just gives commitments, no action is there.”

Mohit Goyal, builder of My Home Society, Punawale, said “We are paying the maintenance cost of unsold flats from our side only. Also, the process of giving conveyance deeds in society members’ names is underway. When it is done, they will be informed.”

The advocate representing My Home Society is Sarika Kulkarni.

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