Sadhu Vaswani Mission adopted 150 starving horses from Panchgani

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Earlier, the Mission adopted 147 horses from Mahabaleshwar who were facing a similar situation owing to the second wave of the pandemic.

“Once we adopted horses at Mahabaleshwar, we realised that the situation would be similar in other regions where tourism is the basic earning factor.

[ad id=’8204′] Following a survey, we found that another 150 horses in Panchgani were undergoing the same plight, we decided to add them into the Mission family,” said a spokesperson.

On a happier note, he adds, “It was a pleasant surprise that just yesterday, 31 May, at 2:30 am, a foal was born. It brought with it hope and life, a promise that is much-needed in the present times.”

There are total of 298 horses, including the new-born foal, that are now being provided daily fodder by Sadhu Vaswani Mission. The fodder is sourced from a local provider. Each horse eats about 10 kgs of fodder per day. The cost of the fodder is Rs. 10 per kg. The daily cost for feeding a horse is Rs.100. The Mission plans to continue serving the horses until the need is there.

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