Shocking !!! Passengers express frustration as Pune to Delhi IndiGo and Pune to Goa Spicejet flight experiences several hours delay 

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Passengers express frustration as Pune to Delhi IndiGo and Pune to Goa Spicejet flight experiences several hours delay

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Pune : Due to a technical issue, passengers on an IndiGo flight from Pune to Delhi had to wait in the aircraft for three hours before being allowed to take-off. Meanwhile, SpiceJet’s Pune-Goa service experienced a 10-hour delay on Friday as well.

It was planned for the IndiGo flight (6E-2661) to depart Pune at 8.40 am and arrive in Delhi at 10.40 am. Over a hundred people were flying in the aircraft.

According to a passenger, the boarding process was finished by 8.30am and the flight departed on schedule. Passengers questioned the cabin crew about why the aircraft had not moved for approximately forty-five minutes. One of them informed us that the fog was the reason for the poor visibility. The flight had not taken off as a result. Even after the weather cleared, the aircraft did not take off. Numerous travelers became impatient and confronted the cabin staff. They claimed there was a technical issue with the aircraft. The cabin crew instructed passengers to disembark after they had been inside the aircraft for roughly three hours. They were returned to the Pune airport terminal building.

Another passenger reported non-communication from the airline. They were finally informed that the flight would depart after 2:00 pm. Around 2:20 p.m., it finally took off. 

The airline said that because of the technical problem, a different aircraft had to be scheduled. Due to unfavorable weather in Pune, IndiGo flight 6E 2661 from Pune to Delhi was delayed in taking off. The aircraft encountered a technical problem upon taking off and had to return to the airport. Refreshments were provided to the passengers, and another plane was scheduled for them. They deeply apologize for the inconvenience the passengers have experienced.

Likewise, the SpiceJet flight (SG-525) that was supposed to depart for Goa at 12.30 pm was postponed by approximately 10 hours in the afternoon.

The airline announced that, for operational reasons, the departure time of SpiceJet’s flight from Pune to Goa on December 1 has been changed. The updated departure time was communicated to passengers more than ten hours in advance. They apologize for any inconvenience caused to passengers.

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