Travel Time Between Mumbai-Pune To Reduce By 90 Minutes

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Pune, 24 June 2023: A groundbreaking initiative by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) is set to revolutionize travel between Mumbai and Pune. With the construction of a new 19.80 km lane on the Mumbai-Pune highway, featuring the world’s largest tunnel, lakhs of commuters can expect a significantly shorter and more comfortable journey.

This ambitious project has already completed over 50 percent of the tunnel construction, and it is projected to open by July 2024. The endeavor involves the creation of two tunnels, measuring 1.75 km and 8.93 km in length, respectively. These tunnels will not only rank among the longest in India but will also be the widest in Asia, boasting a width of 23 meters and a total of four lanes.

The completion of these tunnels will reduce the distance between Mumbai and Pune on the Expressway by six kilometers. Specifically, the stretch between Khopoli and Sinhagad Institute (Lonavala) will be reduced from 19 km to 13.3 km, resulting in a time-saving of approximately half an hour for commuters on their Mumbai-Pune journey.

In addition to the tunnels, a cable-stayed bridge is being constructed to connect the tunnel with the Expressway. This bridge, featuring massive pillars that are nearing completion, will further enhance connectivity and alleviate congestion in the highly trafficked stretch from Adoshi Tunnel to Khandala on the Expressway. Furthermore, the project aims to address the issue of landslides and reduce accidents in the region.

The construction of these expansive tunnels marks a significant milestone in the development of infrastructure in the Mumbai-Pune corridor. As the widest tunnels in Asia, they are set to transform travel between the two cities, offering commuters a smoother, safer, and more efficient journey. With a reduction in travel time by 90 minutes, this initiative will undoubtedly have a positive impact on easing traffic congestion and improving overall connectivity in the region. 

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