Update : Tragic Death of Young Man in Hinjewadi Unveils Health Complications, Dispelling DJ Music Rumors

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A distressing incident unfolded in Hinjewadi, Pimpri Chinchwad, when a young man’s visit to a local medical shop took a tragic turn.

Yogesh Abhimanyu Sakhre, aged 23 and a resident of Maruti Mandir, Hinjewadi Gaothan, fainted near the shop and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. Initially, there were rumors that his demise was linked to dancing in front of a DJ, but the police investigation has revealed a different truth.

Senior police inspector of Hinjewadi, Dr. Vivek Muglikar, provided insights into the incident. It was disclosed that Yogesh Sakhre had been battling high blood pressure for approximately six months. He had sought medical advice from a local doctor in Hinjewadi who, upon examination, diagnosed him with a heart condition, recommending consultation with Dr. Gautam Jugal at Synergy Hospital, Kokane Chowk. Consequently, on a Wednesday, Yogesh visited Hinjewadi, where he began experiencing chest discomfort and sought medication from a nearby medical center.

Eyewitnesses contradicted the initial rumors, stating that Yogesh was not dancing in front of any DJ, nor was there any DJ music playing near the medical center where he stood.

According to close friends, Yogesh had complained of dizziness and suddenly collapsed. His friends promptly rushed him to nearby Ranjit Hospital, where doctors advised transferring him to Ruby Hospital Hinjewadi. Tragically, doctors at Ruby Hospital declared him brought dead. Yogesh’s body was subsequently sent to Aundh Hospital for a post-mortem examination, with the Hinjewadi police launching an investigation into the incident.

This unfortunate incident occurred amidst the Ganesh Visarjan procession, during which false information regarding the young man’s death quickly spread due to the nearby DJ’s music. However, as the details emerged through the Hinjewadi police investigation, it became evident that the young man’s untimely passing was not connected to any DJ-related activities.