Vadgaon Sheri based mountaineer climbs 8th tallest mountain in the world

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Giripremi’s Jitendra Gaware climbed Mt. Manaslu, the eighth tallest mountain in the world recently.

Jitendra set a new record of climbing three 8000er meter mountains in just six months, Mt. Annapurna-1 in April, Mt. Everest in May and now Mt. Manaslu in September 2021.

Giripremi’s Jitendra Gaware successfully climbed Mt. Manaslu, a 8163-meter tall mountain and eighth tallest mountain in the world on Tuesday, September 28. In April 2021, Gaware climbed Mt. Annapurna-1, the tenth tallest mountain and in May 2021 he summits Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. Climbing Mt. Manslu successfully makes it the third successful 8000er climb for Gaware in just six months. Umesh Zirpe, the veteran mountaineer and Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Awardee, has been mentoring Gaware since his early days of mountaineering.  

Zirpe was ecstatic about the summit by Gaware. He Said, “Jitendra is mentally and physically prepared to take on 8000er meter challenges. We were confident that he could climb three mountains in the span of six months. I am glad he achieved success in style.” Zirpe also emphasized that Girirpemi has been climbing several mountains in the Himalayas and unfurling the Indian flag to celebrate the 75th year of Indian Independence. Jitendra makes the journey bigger by unfurling the Indian tricolor on the 8000er meter mountain located in Nepal.” 

Mount Manaslu is located in Gorkha region in Nepal and has a proximity to Tibet border. The peak is surrounded by more than 10 peaks of 6500 metre heights and few more than 7000 metre height. Another 8thousander peak ‘Mount Annapurna’ is located near Manaslu and can be seen after reaching the summit at Manaslu. The journey to the top of Manaslu consists of several long ridges and valleys of glaciers. Mount Manaslu is often called as ‘Mountain of Spirit’ and the name Manaslu is derived from Sanskrit word Manasa which means intellect or soul. 

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