Vande Bharat faces delay due to engine failure in another train

82 Vande Bharat trains in operation, Speed Enhancement to 160 kmph Underway

82 Vande Bharat trains in operation, Speed Enhancement to 160 kmph Underway

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On Saturday morning, confusion arose as the Vande Bharat express train arrived one hour late. Passengers claimed that the railways had not given them enough information. The train arrived in Pune at 10:13 am, having been scheduled to arrive at 9:05 am.

The railway authorities asserted that the blockage of the route and subsequent engine failure of another train were the cause of the delay.

According to an official, Vande Bharat arrived at Pune station late than planned due to an engine failure of another train near the Boribel station in the Solapur division.

Railway officials further said that another engine had to be arranged by the railway authorities; it was brought from Daund junction and connected to the Hyderabad-Mumbai Express. After that, the Vande Bharat Express was given the green signal to depart for Pune.

Travelers, who want a quick and comfortable ride, choose Vande Bharat. The train was forced to stop for an hour near the Boribel station. The journey resumed at 8:07 am.

The Hyderabad-Mumbai Express’s engine failed close to the turn, blocking both the main line and the loop line. The other trains behind it had to be stopped as a result.

This made it difficult and even delayed the trip to Mumbai, arriving at 2:00 pm. The passengers on the Vande Bharat Express conveyed their dissatisfaction with the railway authorities after the train was delayed in reaching Pune and Mumbai.

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