Vedanta society takes Green Steps towards environment conservation

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Kalyani Nikumbh

Vedanta society at Wakad houses 344 flats with about 2200 residents staying in the society. The society has always taken proactive measures towards energy optimization, eco friendly operations and taking care of the well being of its residents.

Rain Water Harvesting
The society has made provisions for rain water harvesting by creating 8 percolation pits which are connected with the pipelines through which rain water is flown into the earth which helps in increasing the water table.

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Sewage Treatment Plant
The society has its own STP where the sewage water is treated and reused for WC. The society has plans for reusing this for gardening needs.

Well Being
The society has been running various initiatives for the well being of its residents. It was one of the 1st housing societies to have set up an isolation center within its premises. The management committee also organised Covid test camp under its mission of 3T “Trace, Test and Treat”. The management committee keeps organizing blood donation camps periodically. Recently a talk on diabetes type2 disease was facilitated.

Eco Friendly Ganpati
Since the last 3 years, the society and its residents have actively started to celebrate the Ganpati festival using the eco eco-friendly idol of Ganesha.

Waste Segregation
The society has initiated waste segregation to ensure proper disposal

Electricity Consumption Optimization
The society has replaced all the standard lights in common areas with power saving LED lights. This has resulted in optimized power bills. Additionally, Vedanta is the 1st society which has leveraged the benefit of huge cost savings by segregating STP meters with other meters. Overall savings in the past 2 years have been to the tune of 56%.

Water Level Indicators
The society has recently installed water sensors and indicators in all the overhead tanks to monitor the water levels. This has helped the society to both avoid excess power consumption in terms of water motor running cost as well as wastage due to tank overflow.

Greenery is the Way of Life
The society has a beautiful and green landscape with many trees in the compound which keeps the mood happy and also keeps it almost pollution free.

Water Aerators
All the taps in the houses of the society are fitted with water aerators which help in reduction of water wastage.

Setting up Waste Disposal Plant
The society is actively working on installing waste disposal plant and solar panels for green power

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