Viman Nagar residents fed up due to increasing traffic congestion on Nagar road

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By: Pune Pulse

September 2, 2023

Pune: Residents of Viman Nagar have raised serious concerns regarding traffic bottlenecks and congestion that keeps on increasing on the Pune-Ahmednagar road majorly due to BRTS lanes. 

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Shams Mithani, a resident of Ganga Nebula, Viman Nagar said, “I usually travel from my residence to New Kharadi Bypass. It is barely 4 kilometres. However, due to the increasing traffic problem, mainly due to a lot of BRTS lanes on Nagar Road, it takes me around 30 minutes to travel this distance. There is no discipline among several people while driving, especially people who drive a two-wheeler as they try to slip & go between small gaps between vehicles, damaging them. The rearview mirror of my car was broken some time ago due to a foolish driver. I think BRTS lanes must be removed immediately to avoid traffic congestion & bottlenecks. It will also widen the road a lot.”

Ravi Iyer, a resident of Lunkad Colonnade 1, Viman Nagar said, “Horrific traffic is there at several times on Nagar road. People residing in Viman Nagar, Hyatt side, Kalyani Nagar, Yerawada and many more are affected by the constant traffic problems on Nagar road. Whenever I have to go to the city, I usually have to select a time meticulously to step out due to the traffic problem. If these BRTS lanes are removed, a lot of traffic issues will be resolved as the road will be widened a lot.”

Umesh Magar, a shop owner in Viman Nagar said, “I have to travel only 3 kilometres from my residence to my shop in Viman Nagar. Sometimes, it takes me an hour to travel only this much distance because of the traffic situation. Especially in the evening time, it becomes almost impossible to return to my residence due to traffic problems.”

Pune Pulse tried to contact the relevant PMC officials but couldn’t connect till the filing of this report.

Several activists have taken up this issue & sent requests, complaints etc. to the PMC & other authorities.

Qaneez Sukhrani, an activist in Pune, highlighted that she has sent several requests to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), Chandrakant Patil, Pune Guardian Minister, Police, State Government etc., seeking the removal of all BRTS lanes on Nagar road, explaining the problems caused for traffic due to BRTS lanes etc.

Sunil Tingre, MLA, Vadgaon Sheri, Pune said, “I have requested the PMC & other authorities to kindly take this BRTS lane problem seriously. Also, if BRTS lanes can not be removed,  then find effective solutions for eliminating all traffic problems on Nagar Road. From our side, we will make efforts to ask relevant authorities to remove these BRTS lanes.”

Shreyas Vange

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