Wagholi Residents Troubled By Water Logging On Several Roads 

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Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) Party Wagholi Vice President Prakash Jamdhade has stated that several motorists, residents, pedestrians of Wagholi are suffering due to water logging & poor road condition of several roads.

As per further information by Prakash Jamdhade, a large amount of water has formed in front of Hotel Lehja on Bakori Road, Phulmala Road and Pune-Nagar Highway in Wagholi, causing huge inconvenience to the citizens.

Bakori Road from Bakori Phata to Radheshwari Society in Wagholi has a large amount of water logging and there are many potholes on the side of the road so many vehicles are falling into the potholes, causing a lot of trouble to school students, women, citizens while walking on the road, and number of accidents due to vehicular traffic bottlenecks have grown.

There is a large amount of water on the road at Phulmala Road in Wagholi.

The Municipal Corporation has installed a temporary pump to take out the water from the streets. But citizens are now wondering when the Pune Municipal Corporation officials would take concrete steps to drain the water.

Tax is being levied by Pune Municipal Corporation. In return, citizens must be provided with basic facilities including roads, water etc. But the municipal administration is ignoring it. Why pay tax if facilities are not available even after paying tax? Citizens are raising this question.

A large amount of water has accumulated in front of Hotel Lehja at Wagholi on the Pune-Nagar highway.

Vehicles ply in a single line due to waterlogged half of the highway leading to traffic jams and increased number of accidents.

Prakash Jamdhade has filed a complaint with the municipal corporation. Jamdhade said that the municipal officials should come here and think about all these things by steeping in the shoes of common citizens. Only then will they realize how desperate the citizens of Wagholi are about resolving such issues.

Shreyas Vange

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