Watch: School Bus Driver Hits Two Minor Girls, Flees The Spot

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A school bus driver in Vasai knocked over two minor girls and ran away. As per the CCTV footage, the accident took place on March 1, 2:06 pm while they were crossing a small and not-so-busy road.

The girls were related to each other and the older siblings’ age was 7 while the younger one was just 2 years old.

Police said that people present at the spot took the girls out from near the tyres of the fully loaded school bus and drove them to the hospital. The girls are suffering from severe injuries. He said, “They were knocked down after the bus took a U-turn. The driver immediately applied brakes and along with passersby pulled out the two girls from near the tyres. They rushed the siblings to a hospital.”

The police are currently investigating the matter and are looking for the bus driver as well.

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