Watch: ’The Orry Touch’ Ranveer Singh hilariously decodes social media sensation’s posing secrets

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In a recent video posted by social media sensation Orry, Bollywood star Ranveer Singh humorously decodes Orry’s distinctive camera poses. The video, filled with laughter and playful banter, provides a glimpse into the unique posing style that has become Orry’s trademark on social media.

Ranveer Singh introduces Orry and playfully decodes his famous ‘hand on the chest’ pose. Mockingly mentions Orry’s approval process, stating that if Orry touches someone this way and shares it on social media, it signifies approval. Orry adds humour by noting that the higher the touch, the more relevant the person is.

Ranveer and Orry collaboratively created a scoring system based on hand placement during poses. Singh and Orry rated the latter’s pose, highlighting the comical nature of their interaction. Ranveer emphasizes that being touched by Orry in a particular manner indicates approval, while a lack of such interaction suggests there is work to be done.

Social Media Hilarity:

Orry’s poses have garnered attention on social media, making him a notable figure. Fans express admiration for Orry’s consistency in staying in character and his ability to strike poses effortlessly.

Fans flooded Orry’s comment section 

Earlier, Orry’s pictures with Rihanna also gained widespread attention.

The video is presumed to be from Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding bash in Jamnagar.

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