Work of Biodiversity Park in Talawade going on in full swing by PCMC

Work of Biodiversity Park in Talawade going on in full swing by PCMC

Work of Biodiversity Park in Talawade going on in full swing by PCMC

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Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Commissioner Shekhar Singh have taken a positive stance to develop Biodiversity Park in the planned area of ​​Talawade, and tender process will be implemented soon. Hence, the included villages and Talawade affected by the red zone will also be at the fore in the competition for development.

MLA Mahesh Landge resolved to develop the included villages under ‘Vision-2020’. Various ambitious projects started in Chikhali, Moshi, Charholi, Dudulgaon, Dighi, Borhadewadi etc. from 2017. Also, various development works were planned.

However, due to the influence of red zone in Talawade area, there were difficulties in providing development works and infrastructure facilities. However, along with other included villages, Talawade should also be developed at the same pace, MLA Landge insisted.

Mahesh Landge, MLA, Bhosari Constituency, said “Development of inclusive villages remains our major agenda. We have taken the initiative to fill up the backlog of development which has been stalled for 20 years in all the included villages of Bhosari Assembly Constituency.

However, due to the influence of the red zone, there were technical difficulties in the development of projects and infrastructural facilities in Talawade. With the help of the state and central government, the municipal administration is now going to develop a biodiversity park in Talawade. Therefore, it is believed that Talawade will also remain at the forefront in the development competition.”

To prevent rising temperature and pollution in Pimpri-Chinchwad city, there is a need to establish a Biodiversity Park at Talawade on behalf of the Municipal Corporation. Due to urbanization and urbanization, the average temperature and pollution are increasing day by day. Therefore, Talawade Biodiversity Park will be developed on behalf of the Municipal Corporation to create awareness about the importance of Biodiversity Park for the conservation of natural resources in the city and also to convince the citizens about it. Therefore, the state and central government and the municipal administration will jointly spend about Rs 100 crores.

The administration should take the initiative to develop a Biodiversity Park in Gayraan area in the red zone area of ​​Talawade. MLA Landge had demanded that a consultant should be appointed and initiative should be taken to implement the tender process. Nigdi, Chikhali, Talawade, Moshi and surrounding areas have been heavily urbanized. Therefore, the biodiversity park in Talawade will be a milestone for development.

In the Biodiversity Park, different plants, rare medicinal plants and vines, indigenous trees, fruit and flower trees should be planted and conserved on specific themes. The development of tourism will be boosted if the country’s largest Biodiversity Park with modern facilities such as tracks for tourists to walk, food stalls, entertainment facilities, etc is established.

Biodiversity Park will become city’s ‘oxygen park’: MLA Landge

MLA Landge said that according to a 2018 World Bank report, 36 percent of India’s total population lives in cities for various reasons. So, while designing the cities, while providing health and other basic facilities to the citizens, attention should also be paid to the protection and conservation of nature. It is our position that such parks will become the lungs of the city i.e. ‘Oxygen Park’ due to healthy services of free clean air and pleasant mist.

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