Electric vehicle charging station to be installed at PMC

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Chaitraly Deshmukh

Pune : The Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) Standing Committee has approved to set up charging points for the electric vehicles in the main building of PMC as well as in all the regional offices under their jurisdiction.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, PMC’s standing Committee chairman Hemant Rasne said, “India is considered as the fourth largest auto market in the world. The number of vehicles plying in the country is very large as compared to other countries. India imports 80 per cent of its fuel capacity from other countries.”

He further said, “The number of fossil fuel free vehicles is increasing day by day and hence the need for such is also increasing as per the demand. To overcome this, the central government has encouraged the sale of electric vehicles. As a result, the number of electric vehicles is in demand. For this, we need to provide infrastructure so that this should not led to discrimination. In order to overcome the obstacle, we thought it was a need of time. So, we have made a decision and given green signal to it.”

He added, “This will help in reducing carbon dioxide and other hazardous gases. The daily cost and maintenance of such vehicles is less than that of vehicles on petrol and diesel. On electric vehicles the batteries charged at the charging station as well as replaced the batteries too. This move and initiative taken by us will encourage the purchase of these vehicles.”