Fergusson College Implements Rainwater Harvesting System, Aims to Capture 35 Crore Liters of Water on 110-Acre Premises

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Fergusson College, a prestigious educational institution under the Deccan Education Society, has taken a significant step towards environmental sustainability by installing a rainwater harvesting system.

With the vision of Chairman Sharadrao Kunte and the collective efforts of the Deccan Education Society, this initiative aims to transform the entire 110-acre campus into a nature conservation habitat while educating its 11,500 students about sustainable living practices.

In urban areas, water availability poses a major challenge for green initiatives. Recognizing the importance of water for improving green cover, the Deccan Education Society sought to compost its biodegradable waste on the campus. However, water scarcity hindered their efforts. To overcome this limitation, CA Sunil Bhide, appointed by the Deccan Education Society for the restoration of the Fergusson College botanical garden and campus greenery, reached out to potential donors for assistance. Leveraging his position as the President of Maharashtra Vruksha Samvardhini, he was well aware of the challenges and opportunities in such endeavors.

Responding positively to the appeal for help, Cummins India Foundation extended its support to the Deccan Education Society. We are delighted to announce that Cummins India Foundation and the Deccan Education Society have joined hands for an ambitious rainwater harvesting and water conservation initiative.

This collaboration aims to harness crores of liters of rainwater on the 110-acre Fergusson Hills and Deccan Education Society’s campus, situated in the heart of Pune city. The Memorandum of Understanding will be signed on World Environment Day, June 5, 2023, in the presence of Shri Shivdurg Samvardhan, an experienced NGO with a track record of successful project implementations.

The initial duration of the MOU is three years, with the possibility of mutual extension. This groundbreaking project employs scientific water conservation techniques to tap into an ambitious target of 35 crore liters of rainwater, assuming an average rainfall of 800 mm, on the 110-acre campus. It is noteworthy that this large-scale rainwater conservation initiative is being undertaken by an educational institution, making it a pioneering endeavor.

This initiative will not only benefit the Deccan Education Society but also contribute to Pune City by improving the groundwater table and mitigating environmental issues arising from rapid urbanization, such as the heat island effect.

Cummins India Foundation‘s involvement in this project exemplifies their dedication to corporate social responsibility and their support to Pune City.

There are six borewells in the campus which are inactive. With this RWH we plan to capture the rainwater and recharge these wells. Also, we are working towards constructing a new open well which will also help in recharging the well. Fergusson college has a quarry undergoing cleaning. Thisquarry will also help us save 50 to 60 lakh liter water. With the monsoon approaching we plan to involve the students in creating bunds along the hillside which will help in absorbing rain water. We will soon be planting trees along these bunds once college reopens,” informed Neeraj Purnapatre, executive engineer, Deccan Education Society to Pune Pulse.