For a sustainable lifestyle, Windsor Avenue shows the way

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Renuka Suryavanshi

Windsor Avenue Condominium Owner’s Association society in Wanowrie has left no stone unturned. This society in Wanowrie has a perfectly functioning bio-composting project, rooftop solar panels, grey water harvesting, rain water harvesting in it’s premises.
The society has a separate dry waste collection shed where dry waste is further stored after segregation under recyclable and non – recyclable.

Bio- Composting :

The society generates around 65 KGs of wet waste which is sent for composting in its composting pits. The compost made from this waste is further used in the society garden as well as by the individuals. 20 kW GRID-TIED ROOFTOP

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Rooftop Solar Panel Systems :

Installations of 10 kW each on two buildings.
Total 20 Capacity: 20kW
Each installation of 10kW includes;
32 Solar Photovoltaic Module Panels
1 Solar Grid tied Inverter
1 net meter provided by MSEDCL

Shadow analysis was performed to optimize placement of Solar Panels
Net meter allows solar power generated to be consumed by connected utilities, excess power is fed back to MSEDCL grid earning rebate in power bills.

The solar systems were commissioned in end of 2016 and WACOA has already recovered the full system cost by now.
The system was supplied by a Wanowrie resident, Mazahir Nasir.

Rain Water Harvesting :

The society has three catchment areas, consisting of approximately 10,000 square feet where the rain water gets accumulated and is further channelised to into two existing borewells.

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Windsor Avenue is the only society in the neighbourhood getting a 10 percent on their property tax for these initiatives for the past 7-8 years. The society uses Inora culture for their bio composting project.