Pune : Anger among Dhayari residents over lack of services by PMC

Pune : Anger among Dhayari residents over lack of services by PMC

Pune : Anger among Dhayari residents over lack of services by PMC

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The newly included areas in the Pune Municipal Corporation are severely lacking in providing basic services and the Municipal Corporation is forcibly collecting taxes and demolishing people’s structures in complete disregard. Therefore, there was great anger and displeasure among the people. What did the leaders do in all these years? The questions were raised by the residents of Dhayari recently in a meeting held in the area. 

Rahul Pokale, RashtraSeva Samuh informed that the meeting was organised to understand and raise the various issues faced by the residents of Dhayari. For years we have been struggling to have basic facilities and are left with no facilities by the civic authority. 

Since the last 30 years in the areas near the suburbs of Pune due to no zone survey and no zone change, many problems have arisen in terms of construction in these places. The citizens are currently facing many problems due to huge financial losses due to the PMC demolishing the big buildings by declaring the constructions unauthorized.

The government is fully responsible for the unauthorized constructions and the government is ignoring it and it is only doing the activities. Also, the tax is being collected forcefully and tripled through the municipal corporation and if the tax is not paid, the inhuman process of confiscation is going on in all the areas on behalf of the PMC.

Therefore, the people of Dhayari have such feelings that the landlords, property should be taken over or bought by the PMC and free them. The tax is so much that, even if the house is sold, the tax cannot be paid.

Regarding all these problems, a meeting of Dhayari citizens was held at Kalbhairavnath temple in Dhayari area. At that time, hundreds of citizens from Dhayari were present in this meeting and they presented their grievances in the meeting and expressed their anger. In the absence of any basic facilities, there are numerous complaints about water, but the PMC does not take any action despite the applications.

But at the behest of some persons, the municipal corporation demolishes constructions and collects tax forcefully, the feeling is embedded in the minds of all the citizens. Therefore, all the citizens unanimously decided that by holding meetings of 34 areas, they should hold public awareness in this regard and give a statement to the Guardian Minister and Commissioner of Pune through the citizens of all the areas. If nothing happens after that, it was decided to raise a non-cooperation movement against the Pune Municipal Corporation.

In the meeting held, the people discussed as follows:

·         No action should be taken on any building in the area until DP is approved and forced tax recovery should be stopped immediately.

·         Flats of 500 square feet should be exempted from tax.

·         Immediately finalize the DP of the areas included in the PMC.

·         Start registration of unauthorized constructions immediately.

·         Perform a zone survey and replace the zone.

·         First provide all the basic facilities and then take action and tax collection.

The citizens expressed their desire to boycott the upcoming elections if the guardian minister and the government do not pay attention.

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