Pune : Citizens litter streets with garbage during Ganesh procession

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PUNE: Following the completion of the Ganesh immersion procession, numerous streets, including Tilak Road, Alka Chowk, and Deccan Gymkhana, were observed to be littered with garbage.

While talking to Pune Pulse, Ajay Patil, a concerned citizen, expressed his dismay at the disposal of plastic waste, such as banner cuttings, decoration items, and tea cups, on the streets during the procession. He emphasised the importance of citizens being mindful of the environment during social events and urged them to refrain from polluting. Furthermore, a significant amount of the garbage remains uncleared by the PMC.

Another concerned citizen, Gangotri Chanda, added, ”During the festivals, single-use plastic is used in large amounts. Many of them are seen littering chocolate wrappers and chip packets on the streets, making road conditions very unhygienic. And if we observe, these single-use plastic wrappers are from big companies, not from the roadside vendors who usually become accountable for littering the single-use plastic, but most of the time the big companies get spared. Eco-friendly products should be used that don’t pose any harm to the environment. Notably, the so-called paper plates and cups are not plastic-free; the thin plastic layer in those makes them waterproof. But people avoid buying eco-friendly products because they are costly. Prices should be reduced for these products, making it easier for people to buy them.”

Hema Chari, another concerned citizen, emphasised the significant amount of plastic waste generated during festivals and the need for proper segregation and disposal. She warned against burning plastic, which releases harmful, poisonous gases that harm the environment, and called for a complete ban on the use of thermocol. She urged everyone to act wisely, like Lord Ganesh, and take steps to protect the environment.

While talking to Pune Pulse, Sandip Kadam, Deputy Commissioner, Solid Waste Department, added, ”We have employed individuals to gather the scattered waste immediately. The remnants of the garbage will be cleared shortly, resulting in clean streets being observed in Pune.”

 Madhupriya Dhanwate

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